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Anger Kills. I want to kill it instead.

Today I received an order which I had placed earlier with a cosmetic company. Everything inside the package was intact but the promised free gift did not arrive. And i began to bubble with anger. I decided to call the help line and address my problem. I called, waited for good 5 minutes on the line and then hung up. I called again, hoping to be able to talk this time. Thanks to my mobile, signal was weak and the moment the lady said hello, my line got disconnected. I called for the third time and in no time (surprisingly) I was registering m complaint. Now, this lady somehow could not see eye to eye with me and kept telling me that when you place a cancelled order again online (I had earlier placed an order and it got cancelled for some reason), you dont receive the free gift anymore. So, here I was, already agitated by the number of times I had to call to hear her golden voice; angry and impatient. I was stern. I accused her, and also told her that she has no idea of rules of the company and that she should know stuff before addressing ppl's problems. I went on and on. Ultimately, decided to stop complaining and being nasty. And when she said...have a good day, I pouncd on her again saying..how can I have a good day, yuo tell me?

All for a free gift? Or becasue I had spent money on other things just to avail that free gift?

Later, when I was calmer, I realised that it wasnt something worth fighting. If I could become calm later, then why not earlier, why not at the time when I was talking to her? Why not when it ws needed. I feel bad on hurting the poor girl, and I wish I could get back to her with a sorry. Even if she was inefficient, or maybe the rules are such that she could genuinely not help me; I had no right to misbehave.
I am really sorry. I want to be super calm. It makes me a better human.



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Jan. 6th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Arey Chillax! Hota hain kabhi kabhi!

But one thing is sure most of the customer support teams are out sourced to the BPO's and call centers, they are annoying most of the times, but then they are trying to do their job. They probably have only a limited control on what they can help us with.

Anyways bindaas and if you do not want the stuff, you could always return it right?
Jan. 6th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
that happens
This happens. we get angry if we do not get things our way and every thing makes us sad, happy or angry. This is human and here lies the essence of realization. This is human and perhaps very human.
The range of emotion you felt would not have been possible had you been a calm person.
Imagine life without anger, ecstasy, happiness,sadness and many more finer and delicately beautiful feelings or state of mind. i think it would have been boring a little.
SO do not be sorry for what you did, in fact you are a case study for that company who reacted in that manner and your outburst would help them sort out their operational problem and they will progress. this will make economy better and people will be happy.
So you have made economy better and people happy.
Jan. 7th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
at times it can happen as you said it can become nasty too. but sometimes it better to happen like that . it can open the eyes of somebody.may be the companies policy. any way as feel so sorry for what happend and it is not good to repeat it is better to remeber saying "look before you leap". don't waste ur time on thinking what happend.smile please.
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