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Peaceful moments of the day

17th Jan, before I slept:

After arriving home, I lighted some candles in my room and meditated for a while. Lavender does really good to our senses. Tiger was crying outside and I think she wanted to feel loved. But I continued with what I was doing and attended to her only later. She had some milk and bread with her siblings, so she wasnt hungry, but still made a continuous purr sound. I stroked her back. It was very furry and warm despite the fog and chilly winds. Peora wanted a biscuit, so she was given one, and I made sure that it wasnt too sweet. Linda, on the other hand is very dignified. Never complains and sits majestically. This reminds me..Mogambo ate some food from my kittens' bowl. When I tried to shoo her away, she wagged her tail.

I think I will catch some sleep now. Hot milk with soft jaggery is very soothing. Gotta get up early and have my Darjeeling first flush cuppa :)


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Jan. 19th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
Lavender is really soothing...I love its aroma in body oils, incense sticks and candles...always has a calming effect.
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