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Bas ek lavz

Kuchh tumhein bataayein
Kuchh tumse sunein
Yunhi baaton mein mann behle
Magar kambakht lavz zubaan par aati nahin
Na meri na tumhari
Reh jaata hai ek sannata
Jaise zubaan kabhi thi hi nahin

Batiyaane mein, main kuchh kam to nahin
Aisa hamesha se jaana tha
Par aaj chai ka pyala liye
Alfaaz na jaane kahan kho gaye
Meri duniya mein sirf main hi hoon
Aur koi nahin, kahin nahin.


Mitr, tum aaye nahin..
maine saanjh tak intezaar kiya
phir jab andhera chhaya
chidiyon ne chehchahat thami
main bhi ghar ko laut chali

Pehle toh aisa na tha..
tum to der na karte the
dopahar ki neend chhod
sheeghra hi aa jate the
raah meri dekhte huye,
kitna samay beet jata tha
main bhi kitna thehraati thi
intezaar, khub karwati thi
par aaj aisa kya hua..
aaj aisa kyun hua
ke tum aye nahin

Kaise bataun main tumhein
Mitr kal kya hua
kal jaise ghar se nikla
mujhe khayal sa aaya
roz hi to khali haath aata hoon
baatoan ka jaal bunkar roz hi tumhein behlata hoon,
To aaj socha tumhare liye kuch phool laaoon
guldasta ek de kar hamare dosti ko
kuch aage tak badhaoon

Guldasta jaise hi liya
khubsurat khwabon sa mere dilodimag par chhaya
socha main ke jab tumhein ye phool doonga
tum kitni hairaan hogi, tum kitni hans padogi
main daur ke aane laga
hawaon pe sawar ho kar, bhaga bhaga
dhadka zor ye dil, jaagi umangein aur ummeed,
aaj in phoolon ke saath karunga tumhari deed!

Hona tha par ho na paya
main patthar se ja takraya
aage kya hua kuchh yaad nahin
Kya tum ruth gayi ho?
Bahut der ki maine? Isi liye aaj tumhara sath nahin?


Ami Tomar Preme...In Your Love

Ami tomar preme hobo sobar kolonko bhagi
Ami shokol daage hobo daagi, kolonko bhagi.

Tomar pother kanta korbo choyon, Jetha tomar dhular shoyon
Shetha aanchal paatbo aamar, tomar raage anuraagi

Aami shuchi-aashon tene tene, beraabo na, bidhan mene
je ponke oyi choron pore, tahari chhaap bokkhe maagi

Theme (because I realised that a literal translation is very difficult):
For your love, I am willing to be a sinner in everyone's eyes, I am willing to be maligned in all kinds of stains

I will embrace the path you walk upon,
I will spread my veil (aanchal) where you lie,
I will immerse myself in your melody

I will not abide by customs and rules,
Wherever your feet touches the ground, I will envelope your footprints and hold it close to my bosom

That was difficult!
...so that I can see if she is prettier than me" ...my favourite from Of Wooing Woes and Wanderings by Amitabha Chatterjee. Here it is :

Of Wooing, Woes & Wanderings

Hello friends :)

This is my bro's first novel and is out in a bunch of stores in Delhi.
1. Midland in South Ex
2. Midland in Aurobindo Place
3. Fact & Fiction in Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar
4. Bahrisons in Khan Market, Rajouri Garden and DLF Place, Saket.
5. Variety Book Depot, Connaught Place M-3, Middle Circle.
6. Online places to buy: a1books.com (for delivery all over India) and bookmeabook.com (for Delhi friends)

Please keep an eye out and let me know where else you have seen it & if it is displayed well.
Do request it in bookstores that you havent so they may get it.


PS: Can you all take a minute to become a fan of the facebook homepage of the novel? (link on top once you login) ....Google search for "Of Wooing Woes and Wanderings" Click on facebook link - says homepage Login on top right. Click 'become a fan" on top.

Also suggest to your friends (link on left of the home page)

Peaceful moments of the day

17th Jan, before I slept:

After arriving home, I lighted some candles in my room and meditated for a while. Lavender does really good to our senses. Tiger was crying outside and I think she wanted to feel loved. But I continued with what I was doing and attended to her only later. She had some milk and bread with her siblings, so she wasnt hungry, but still made a continuous purr sound. I stroked her back. It was very furry and warm despite the fog and chilly winds. Peora wanted a biscuit, so she was given one, and I made sure that it wasnt too sweet. Linda, on the other hand is very dignified. Never complains and sits majestically. This reminds me..Mogambo ate some food from my kittens' bowl. When I tried to shoo her away, she wagged her tail.

I think I will catch some sleep now. Hot milk with soft jaggery is very soothing. Gotta get up early and have my Darjeeling first flush cuppa :)

Anger Kills. I want to kill it instead.

Today I received an order which I had placed earlier with a cosmetic company. Everything inside the package was intact but the promised free gift did not arrive. And i began to bubble with anger. I decided to call the help line and address my problem. I called, waited for good 5 minutes on the line and then hung up. I called again, hoping to be able to talk this time. Thanks to my mobile, signal was weak and the moment the lady said hello, my line got disconnected. I called for the third time and in no time (surprisingly) I was registering m complaint. Now, this lady somehow could not see eye to eye with me and kept telling me that when you place a cancelled order again online (I had earlier placed an order and it got cancelled for some reason), you dont receive the free gift anymore. So, here I was, already agitated by the number of times I had to call to hear her golden voice; angry and impatient. I was stern. I accused her, and also told her that she has no idea of rules of the company and that she should know stuff before addressing ppl's problems. I went on and on. Ultimately, decided to stop complaining and being nasty. And when she said...have a good day, I pouncd on her again saying..how can I have a good day, yuo tell me?

All for a free gift? Or becasue I had spent money on other things just to avail that free gift?

Later, when I was calmer, I realised that it wasnt something worth fighting. If I could become calm later, then why not earlier, why not at the time when I was talking to her? Why not when it ws needed. I feel bad on hurting the poor girl, and I wish I could get back to her with a sorry. Even if she was inefficient, or maybe the rules are such that she could genuinely not help me; I had no right to misbehave.
I am really sorry. I want to be super calm. It makes me a better human.


A dream with a message

Yesterday I felt sad and threw tantrums about not having a real friend near me to share my thoughts. I was desperate, lonely and confused. Nevertheless, I continued with my book, learnt a few lessons from it, and finally slept over it. My mind was calm, I think.

Early morning I woke up to some noises in the other room and again went to sleep. I think I slept for another hr. or so. In that little time, I had a dream. I dreamt of a friend, talking and chatting with me in some distant place. She promised to help me with some material I needed. I told her that I wanted to learn a language. We exchanged some more words and I bid her goodbye for the day. I woke up overwhelmed.

This friend stays far away and we havent talked for months. There are numerous ways to communicate but I never pursued the issue. I think all this while, I have missed her a lot. But it never occured to me that she is the one I wanted to talk to and spend time with.

I think that dreams have an inner meaning. There is a deeper connection here. I did not dream of her just like that. It has some message, it indicates something to me.


With the thesis coming to a close (well almost), I have a feeling that I will have no work left to do. Wonder how my days and years are going to be spent henceforth, and what my priorities in life are going to be. I wonder. One thing, which I can visualise is that research work and career will always be on top of my list and other things will take a backseat. If it is not this way, than I will be a very unhappy person. But if things happen the way I visualise, then again, how happy and contented will I be? I dont have a clue. Can we really change the course of our life ourselves? Maybe not.


My Favourite Movie